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It was a very long time I didn't update my site... Well... today I'm doing a very big update... From today there's on my site a Blog (who doesn't know what is it, I guess to read this) developed by me. This means that something isn't ready or couldn't function correctly. I still don't know what I'm going to write on the blog... it's sure that there are going to be written the updates of the site, for the rest something will occur later... In the meantime, happy surfing and please, vote my site!!!! [...]

After a long time I finally reached to update my site!!! I was fed up with the old graphics of the site, so I decided to create a completely new one. I used Inkscape to create the new images of the theme and an image (the fox) found at the Mozilla Developer Center (the image is under licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial [...]

Danirevi published a contest for winning a gOs PC. I try to take part to this contest.... Good luck to everyone who takes part to this contest. [...]

As my site in this last days was full of SPAM I had to apply some changes to my Guestbook and at the registration page inserting a CAPTCHA code (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). [...]

I had to disable (maybe only temporarely) the Chat room because it has problems when accessing. [...]

New section in my site: Documents... Here I'm going to add the records I write to prepare myself to university exams. By now there are only few records regarding the first year, but soon I'll add some more. [...]

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